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Sports car workshop in Freiburg

Our passion for top performance




An important part of our philosophy is reliability and a special interest in the concerns of our customers. We are happy and above all with passion to provide enthusiasts and enthusiasts with help and advice when it comes to the technology or optics of automotive dreams.



Professional competence


With our sports car & classic workshop, which is exclusively staffed with masters and equipped at manufacturer level, we have extensive expertise available, which is characterized by decades of experience with high-quality sports cars and classics.



Sports cars & classics specialization


Our sports car workshop specializes in sports cars and classics. Brands like Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Bentley, Maserati, Mercedes and many other sports cars are in good hands with us. It doesn't matter what age or condition your vehicle is.



Vehicle preparation


An absolute specialist in vehicle preparation and professional care is also available to lovingly and carefully look after your automobile treasure. Your sports car or classic is in the best of hands with us.



Completely care free


It is the core of our claim to provide top performance in maintenance, repair, professional preparation and care, personal special requests or restoration in an efficient and committed manner. Cleanliness and professionalism always come first in our work.



Personnel & transparent


Your vehicle will be picked up personally and all measures will be discussed with you. This gives you complete transparency about the work done and we fulfill our understanding of customer service. Of course, we are also happy to collect or return your sports car or classic in consultation.


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